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The new and innovative SEP Near Vision Disparity Unit combines a comprehensive range of refraction and ocular tests, with the latest lighting medium providing a totally even illumination over the entire test area.

Features include:

  • No bulbs! New lighting medium
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use—for young and old alike
  • Polarisation can be requested for either 90/180 degrees or 45/135 degrees.
  • The unit is rechargeable, via plug-in charger
  • Illumination is turned off when unit is placed on a flat surface—re-illuminated upon lifting
  • Redesigned tests provide deeper and more precise results, ie, fixation disparity and suppression test provide 3 levels of suppression, resulting in earlier recognition
  • Patented parallel testing panel facilitates range of innovative tests which, when used in conjunction with the distance version, recognise head tensions and “S” spine abnormalities Reverse Tests
  • Computer point size has replaced antiquated methods of measuring visual acuity
  • Simple “abc” letters have been chosen to reduce the stress of analphabetic patients or those not familiar with English
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Elderly patients, or those suffering neurological problems, may be examined
  • Grundy Visibility Indicator, Music & Map
  • Different type faces and letter spacing allows the practitioner to educate patients with special needs as to the best setting for computers