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The Evans (Instruments) Hess Screen has been re-designed to take up the minimum space, whilst not forgetting ease of operation. The screen is only approximately 25mm thick and houses 25 red light sources which can be individually illuminated by way of the operator’s control box, connected via a remote cable.


The wall-mounted screen is marked with a tangent scale covering 30 degrees in 5-degree steps, in each of the four directions of gaze. Dissociation is by use of a standard pair of Diplopia Goggles and the patient’s responses are confirmed by a torch producing a focusable arrowhead of green light.


  • Smart and functional appearance
  • Overall depth of only approximately 25mm
  • Diplopia goggles and torch supplied
  • Standard Hess recording charts are supplied, with further supplies readily available

Cat. No: 500 Hess Screen, complete with one pack of recording charts, one pair of goggles, torch and control box