Co-Ordimeter Screen

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Evans (Instruments) Limited is the most experienced manufacturer of Co Ordimeter Screens, with Barry Evans having over thirty years knowledge in this product.


The Mk V version incorporates all the original benefits of Mr Lees ideas, whilst utilising modern manufacturing methods. The two metal housings have a special white translucent screen, printed with a tangent pattern on the inner surfaces this is not visible until internally illuminated. The screens are set precisely at right angles and dissociation is achieved by use of a mirror system. The mirror is carried on a septum arm, hinged top and bottom, which can be set at 45 degrees to each screen. Either screen may be illuminated individually, with the remaining screen being lit (for checking the fixation position of the examination eye) , via a pneumatic foot switch. Two wands are provided, the one used by the patient terminates in a black ring, whilst the Practitioner’s bears a black disc.


The outer casing is finished in silver hammer, however, various colours may be available upon request.


A free standing unit of cupboards is also available, allowing the Co-Ordimeter Screen to remain unattached to the wall, whilst providing useful additional storage space

Cat. No: 313 Co-Ordimeter Screen

Cat. No: 313/FSU Free Stand Unit