Why our screen is the best around

It is generally acknowledged that our Co-Ordimeter Screens come from the most experienced manufacturers – Evans (Instruments)! Barry Evans has over thirty years’ experience in manufacturing this product.

Our latest Mk V version has all the original benefits, whilst using the latest manufacturing techniques. The two metal boxes have white translucent screens, printed with a tangent pattern on the inner surface – only seen when illuminated. The screens are set precisely at right angles and dissociation is achieved by the use of a mirror system. The mirror is carried on a septum arm, hinged top and bottom, variable at a 45 degree angle on each screen.

newsletter-co-ordimeter-scrEach screen can be illuminated individually, with the other screen being lit (for checking the fixation position of the examination eye), via a pneumatic foot switch.

Two wands come with the system, for both the patient and the practitioner. There is also a free standing unit of cupboards available, enabling the screen to be operated as part of an  unattached storage and display unit. Other methods of mounting are available.

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